Security Series: Looking Ahead

By Chris Bailey

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This three-part blog ‘Security Series’ sees Wazoku’s Director of IT Chris Bailey discuss our commitment to security. In the final instalment of our ‘Security Series,’ we delve into Wazoku’s forward-looking approach to security and the lessons learned from our journey.

With a customer-focused perspective, we have demonstrated our commitment to security by executing a successful Bug Bounty program, showing tangible results that speak louder than any rhetoric could.

Running our Bug Bounty program through our proprietary software has been a game-changer. It underscores our dedication to not just discussing security concerns, but actively addressing them. This approach has solidified our reputation for walking the walk rather than just talking the talk.

A vital component of our ongoing security evaluation is the annual Penetration Test (Pen Test), which has consistently showcased the positive impact of our endeavors. As the number of identified issues decreases with each test, it is evident that our efforts are paying off, reinforcing the robustness of our security measures.

Our journey has offered invaluable insights for those considering similar security initiatives. The following key learnings are crucial when implementing a security program:

Optimal Rewards: The effectiveness of small monetary incentives as rewards has encouraged individuals to contribute to our Bug Bounty program without overcomplicating the process.

Top-Level Buy-In: Securing commitment from upper management is imperative. Their support not only ensures the necessary resources but also emphasizes the organizational importance of the initiative.

Balanced Reporting: Striking the right balance in reporting frequency is crucial. Frequent updates can lead to information overload, while infrequent ones might overlook emerging threats. Finding the middle ground is key.

Clarity in Reporting: Seeking clarity in reports is paramount to actionable outcomes. Specificity is vital to address vulnerabilities effectively.

Community Building: Cultivating a community of individuals amplifies the effectiveness of the program. Diverse perspectives enhance the identification of potential security loopholes.

Organic Attraction: The success of our program without significant marketing efforts underscores the power of organic attraction. Offering a platform for discovery is often enough to attract individuals genuinely interested in enhancing security.

As we look to the future, Wazoku remains steadfast in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of security innovation. Our Bug Bounty program and annual Pen Test serve as indicators of our unwavering dedication. By learning from our experiences, we continue to fortify our security efforts, ensuring that our platform remains a stronghold against emerging threats.

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By Chris Bailey

Chris is Wazoku's IT Director, responsible for keeping servers running and performing at their best. When not with his head in a terminal window, Chris can be found playing board games, going on countryside walks, and keeping an eye out for local plants to transfer into his terrariums.