Product Roadmap: Wazoku’s New Add/Edit Idea Options

By Alexis Medvedeff

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At Wazoku, we are committed to always improving the experience that our customers have on our platform. The lifeblood of any innovation program are the ideas that users contribute to it. Today, we announce an exciting new update to the way in which users can add and edit their ideas within the platform.

These new idea options and improved experience empowers idea creators and their teams. Our goal is to make the idea creation and editing process more intuitive, engaging, and efficient.

What’s New?

1. Team Collaboration in Drafts:

Idea creators can now collaborate seamlessly by adding team members to their drafts during the creation or editing process. All team members have access to edit drafts with the same permissions as the idea creator, fostering a collaborative environment.

2. Automatic Approval for Challenge Teams:

In Challenges where Challenge teams are in use, the previous requirement for all team members to approve an idea submission has been replaced. Ideas are now automatically approved when published, streamlining the process. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for our Community site users.

3. Enhanced Add Idea Form:

The ‘Add Idea’ form page boasts a fresh new look, providing an easier-to-use and more engaging experience. Challenge descriptions now appear on the right-hand side with more space, making it convenient for users to review while completing the form. Leveraging recent technical improvements, the page also dynamically adjusts to the screen width, utilizing the available space efficiently.

4. Intuitive Control Buttons:

The control buttons for publishing, saving as a draft, or canceling are now always visible, ensuring a more intuitive experience for all users. This improvement simplifies the navigation and enhances the overall usability of the platform.

5. Streamlined Draft Management:

A new drop-down menu for draft ideas is introduced, conveniently located at the top area. Users can easily view the number of draft ideas for the current Challenge and seamlessly save changes to a draft or discard it.

6. User Experience Overhaul:

This upgraded experience is part of our ongoing User Experience overhaul, aligning with recent enhancements such as Workflow Indicators, Page Banners and Tabs, and the Discover Search update. The design is focused on providing a cohesive and visually appealing interface across different parts of the platform.

Try It Out Today!

We are committed to continuously enhancing your experience on Wazoku, and these new idea options are designed to make idea creation and collaboration more efficient and enjoyable.

Explore the upgraded features now and stay tuned for more exciting enhancements as we strive to empower your innovation journey with Wazoku!

By Alexis Medvedeff

Alexis is one of Wazoku's Product Managers, heading up a team that brings regular updates to your product experience. Outside of work, Alexis - originally from Argentina - enjoys discovering new pockets of London, the place he has called home for more than 3 years. He's also a dab hand with a padel, so never challenge him to a game, unless you're happy to lose!