Product Roadmap: Unveiling Enhancements to Wazoku Challenge Builder

By Jide Olatunji

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Wazoku is thrilled to announce some exciting enhancements to the Platform Challenge Builder. At Wazoku, we’re constantly striving to elevate user experience and empower our community with intuitive tools. With this latest update, we’re introducing a revamped interface that promises to streamline the process of creating and managing Challenges.

Key Benefits

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing the platform’s usability, we’re proud to introduce a redesigned flow for adding or editing Challenges. These changes are meticulously crafted to better organize and group Challenge settings, catering to Site Admins, Community Admins, and Challenge Managers alike.

Let’s delve into the core sections of the new Challenge Builder

1. General:

This section serves as the cornerstone, housing essential settings and configurations. Here, you’ll find options to define the Challenge’s title, description, type, keywords, and image. Additionally, you can designate roles, configure Challenge settings, and manage attachments.

2. Forms:

Select and configure forms to be used within the Challenge. Gain a comprehensive understanding of form fields and dependencies before making your selection. Customize the canvas and categories to align with your Challenge objectives.

3. Workflow:

Craft your Challenge’s workflow with newfound flexibility. Our revamped system allows you to set end dates for all stages, tailor actions based on your requirements, and create detailed Evaluation Scorecards to suit your evaluation criteria.

4. Extras:

Fine-tune additional settings to enrich the Challenge experience. Define rating systems, recommendation settings, enable Private Messages, configure Challenge Awards, and integrate with Jira seamlessly.

5. Dashboards:

Effortlessly manage and access Challenge-specific dashboards, empowering you with insights and analytics to drive informed decision-making.

How to Make the Most of It

Utilize the new Challenge Builder UX to expedite the process of creating and editing Challenges. Leverage logical groupings for data input across various tabs, ensuring a seamless experience. From defining Challenge parameters to configuring workflows, our enhanced interface empowers you to unleash your creativity effortlessly.

Our revamped Challenge UX is just the beginning. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out additional functionalities, including templates for Challenges and advanced form configurations. These forthcoming updates aim to further simplify Challenge launches and offer greater control over data capture.

At Wazoku, innovation knows no bounds. With the enhanced Challenge Builder at your fingertips, let’s embark on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and transformation. Together, let’s shape the future, one Challenge at a time.

Excited to explore the new enhancements? Dive in and experience the evolution of Wazoku Challenge Builder first-hand. Reach out to your Innovation Consultant for more, or if you’re new to us, book a demo and get your innovation journey started now!

By Jide Olatunji

Within Wazoku, Jide serves as a Product Manager on the core platform, innovating with key functionalities such as the new and improved Community Builder, Challenge Builder, and Evaluation forms. With 10 years in the tech industry and now 3 years in the UK, this Nigeria native combines his expertise with passions for documentaries, DIY, and African politics. Renowned for his eagerness to assist, Jide is driven by a mission to empower the voiceless and aid the vulnerable in realizing their goals.