Product Roadmap – November 2023

By Rosemarie Diegnan

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Product Roadmap gives Wazoku an opportunity to provide updates on the upgrades we’ve made to our platform and outline where we plan to take things next. In the November 2023 edition, we detail improvements to user experience, updates to our evaluation functionality, and the release of our Company feature.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Product Roadmap webinar that was scheduled for last week – I got the flu and then got laryngitis! So, I do apologise for the delay in sharing what we have been working on over the last few months and where we are headed next, but for now take a read.

User Experience:

We have been listening to your feedback about how to improve the user experience – for both admin users (including Challenge Managers) and your end users (idea creators, contributors, and evaluators). Below is a look at what is new, as we put that feedback into action.

New Challenge Builder

We are in the final testing stage of our newly redesigned Challenge Builder which aims to provide a more intuitive interface and greater flexibility to build a Challenge workflow to meet your specific needs. Now scheduled for December 2023, this update:

  • Provides a more intuitive display of information to guide even first time Challenge Managers through the creation process.
  • Gives the option to interact with Idea Forms, including previewing how dependent fields display when options are selected.
  • Replaces ‘stage types’ (for example, ‘Evaluation Stage’) with generic stages that can be defined as needed (such as ‘allowing idea editing during evaluation’), although the system can direct the Challenge Manager based on the primary action.
  • Provides the option to create Evaluation forms (see more below).

In anticipation of this release, we have been delivering other Challenge related functionality including:

  • Draft Challenges, making it easier to give Challenge Managers more control over their Challenge development and save works in progress.
  • Challenge Statuses to provide a better understanding of the true state of your active and completed Challenges.

Other enhancements currently being built include:

  • Closing stages and completing Challenges to extend the ability to set end dates for all stages, even if the stages all open immediately, allowing any Challenge to be officially completed. This functionality will be released by early December.
  • Enhanced Challenge Manager permissions to allow these users to edit ideas in any stage, regardless of the stage settings for idea creators. This functionality is expected by end of January.
  • Enhanced Gamification configuration settings to allow Challenge Managers to select who earns gamification points, including greater granularity of the roles that can be excluded. This functionality is expected to by the end of January.

Advanced Analytics

Having great functionality but no way to really understand your activity means you’re not able to see the effect or tell the story of the impact the work that you’re doing is having. We have been focused on enhancing the Advanced Analytics functionality including:

Community Builder

We are also in the final testing stage of our newly re-designed Community Builder, for both Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities. This re-design aims to provide a more intuitive interface and greater flexibility to build your communities. The new Community Builder is scheduled to be released in December.

Other enhancements currently being built include:

  • Enhanced Parent Community Admin permissions to grant admin permissions for all child communities without being named as a Community Admin. This functionality is expected by the end of January.
  • Enhanced Gamification configuration settings to allow Community Admins to select who earns gamification points, including greater granularity of the roles that can be excluded. This functionality is expected to by the end of January.

Challenge and Idea Experience

We are also focusing on the end user journey, starting with the introduction of the new Add Idea experience, which will release at the end of this week. This interface also builds on our recent work to make it easier to find and publish idea drafts.

We are already building on this new experience as we prepare to launch Co-Pilot in the new year, making it easier for idea creators to find the problem for their solution.


Evaluation Scorecards

Having a robust evaluation process is critical to being able to select the right ideas to progress and implement. To aid this process, we have done a major overhaul of the Evaluation process to give you the ability to build an evaluation scorecard that supports whatever evaluation framework you use.

Set to launch in December 2023 (alongside the new Challenge Builder), your Challenge Managers will be able to create an evaluation form with multiple criteria types, new criteria options, and the ability to set ‘required’ or ‘optional’ responses, within a single evaluation stage.

Alongside the evaluation setup, we are providing an enhanced evaluator experience:

  • With a side-by-side interface, evaluators are stepped through the criteria with easy access to the idea being evaluated.
  • To reduce potential evaluator bias, while also encouraging post-submission collaboration, individual evaluators will not be able to view any other evaluations until they submit their evaluation form.

In the new year, we will also be embedding evaluation metrics directly on ideas to help understand the breakdown of evaluation responses. We expect this functionality to be live by end of February 2024.


Recently, we released our premium Company feature that allows you to collaborate with companies in a Co-creation Community. With Company enabled for a Co-creation Community, users are given the opportunity to register as either an individual or a company.

Once the company is created, every user associated with this domain will automatically be associated with the company profile in the platform, so you have a full picture of the collaborative efforts with your partners.

Shortly we will be releasing additional functionality to allow the Company Profile Admins the ability to manage users associated with their company, facilitating a more streamlined and organized collaboration experience.

As we step into 2024, Wazoku remains committed to providing cutting-edge innovation management solutions. The upcoming features and enhancements outlined in this roadmap are just a glimpse of what’s in store. We look forward to helping you unlock the full potential of your innovation journey with Wazoku. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!

By Rosemarie Diegnan

A Wazoku Co-Founder, Rosemarie has been a part of our journey from day one. Outside of the office, Rosemarie is a keen traveller who's always looking for her next adventure, having read that "you should visit a new place at least once a year".