Product Roadmap: Introducing Copilot – Elevating Your Innovation Journey with AI

By Alexis Medvedeff

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Wazoku is excited to unveil a ground-breaking addition to our platform that is set to revolutionize the way you approach innovation—Copilot. This cutting-edge tool harnesses the power of AI to seamlessly guide users through their innovation journey, from fledgling ideas to impactful solutions.

What is Copilot?

At the core of Copilot’s capabilities lies the integration of large language models (LLMs), which enable a nuanced analysis of the content within the Wazoku platform. Whether you’re a site admin seeking trending topics, or a new user with a brilliant idea awaiting realization, this is the first step towards a Copilot that enhances the entire innovation process.

In its inaugural iteration, this upgrade invites users to input a prompt describing their idea. Leveraging its sophisticated algorithms, it then scours all open Challenges, considering the user’s eligibility, and meticulously compares the meaning not only to the Challenge descriptions but also to existing ideas within the Challenge.

The Impact

Copilot swiftly identifies the most fitting Challenge, presenting it to the user for seamless completion of the Challenge form. This streamlined process ensures that information is structured precisely to meet the unique requirements of each Challenge, ultimately encouraging more users to actively contribute their ideas and collaborate within the platform.

Copilot also breaks down language barriers with its multilingual capabilities. Trained on data from various languages, Copilot effortlessly navigates innovation programs spanning multiple countries, making it an invaluable asset for organizations with diverse, multilingual content. If you’re using the Wazoku DeepL integration, you can then translate these suggestions with ease.

The Future of Copilot

Copilot is already set to receive some exciting upgrades. In the upcoming version, it will foster enhanced collaboration within teams by identifying and recommending similar ideas. Users can seamlessly join idea teams with a single click, fostering a culture of collaboration. Additionally, for those who prefer exploring alternative options, we will continue to provide the option to delve into recommended Challenges.

As we strive for continuous improvement, we are currently running a beta program, inviting select customers to experience Copilot firsthand and actively contribute to its development.

Curious to see Copilot in action?

If you want to know more about this, or any of the other new releases to the Wazoku Product, either reach out to your Innovation Consultant or, if you aren’t a customer, request a demo here!

By Alexis Medvedeff

Alexis is one of Wazoku's Product Managers, heading up a team that brings regular updates to your product experience. Outside of work, Alexis - originally from Argentina - enjoys discovering new pockets of London, the place he has called home for more than 3 years. He's also a dab hand with a padel, so never challenge him to a game, unless you're happy to lose!