Product Roadmap: Community Builder – Elevating Your Community Management Experience

By Jide Olatunji

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In our relentless pursuit of enhancing the overall user experience on our platform, Wazoku is thrilled to introduce a game-changing feature—Community Builder. This innovative tool is designed to revolutionize the way Site Admins and Community Admins organize and manage communities within the platform, streamlining the process of adding and editing both Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities.

The Community Builder encompasses four key sections, each meticulously crafted to enhance the efficiency of community management:

1. General

The General tab provides a consolidated space for essential information, including the title and description of the community. For Idea Spaces, users can now specify a prefix for ideas, and for Co-creation Communities, personalized URL and prefix settings are conveniently grouped. Additionally, administrators can effortlessly upload a card image to visually represent the community and assign roles to Community Admins with unprecedented ease.

2. Registration

The Registration tab offers a comprehensive suite of settings, including membership settings, age restriction configurations for Co-creation Communities, auto-enrollment settings, and member search preferences. This intuitive grouping ensures administrators can efficiently manage the community’s registration dynamics.

3. Extras

The Extras tab introduces additional functionalities like gamification, recommendations, and integrations. Admins can configure gamification points within the community, enable recommendations, and integrate external tools such as Jira seamlessly.

4. Dashboards

The Dashboards section lists available dashboards at the community level, facilitating easy access for community members. This feature ensures that relevant data and insights are readily available to enhance community engagement..

How to Utilize Community Builder

The Add/Edit Community UI is the gateway to unlocking the full potential of Community Builder. Admin users can navigate through logical groupings, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience while adding or editing Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities. The logical groupings include:

General Tab: Input community title, description, idea prefix, personalized URL, prefix, and upload a community card image.

Registration Tab: Configure membership settings, age restrictions, auto-enrolment preferences, and member search settings.

Extras Tab: Enable gamification, recommendations, and integrations based on your community’s needs.

Dashboards: Explore and select dashboards to enrich the community experience.

Future Enhancements

The new Community UX is just the beginning. Wazoku is committed to continuous improvement and will introduce additional functionality over time, such as options to configure gamification point earners within a community. For customers utilizing the Company feature, forthcoming updates will include the ability to configure Co-creation Communities with enabled Company registration/collaboration.

Embark on a new era of community management with Wazoku’s Community Builder—a tool crafted to empower administrators, foster collaboration, and elevate the overall community experience. Dive into the enhanced world of community building today!

By Jide Olatunji

Within Wazoku, Jide serves as a Product Manager on the core platform, innovating with key functionalities such as the new and improved Community Builder, Challenge Builder, and Evaluation forms. With 10 years in the tech industry and now 3 years in the UK, this Nigeria native combines his expertise with passions for documentaries, DIY, and African politics. Renowned for his eagerness to assist, Jide is driven by a mission to empower the voiceless and aid the vulnerable in realizing their goals.