An always-on idea flow for improvements and feedback to optimise existing initiatives, enhance current products and services and identify areas for time and cost savings.
The Innovation Mix Series: Part 3
Developing structures to foster innovation “The innovation mix across your business will place different demands on the business in terms
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The Innovation Mix Series: Part 2
Balancing the innovation portfolio: What is the right mix of innovation within a business? Of course the answer is ‘it depends’
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The Innovation Mix Series: Part 1
A practical street level view on innovation As an idea management company we work with some of the most innovative
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Where ideas go to die!
So you’ve come up with what you believe is a killer idea, it’s going to revolutionise your company – and
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Engaging a Global Workforce
What is an idea management system?
In our previous post we discussed how idea management puts a structure to the process of collecting and capturing ideas within
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Innovation doesn’t have to mean more bells and whistles
Product innovation doesn’t necessarily mean more bells and whistles. Maps have been around for thousands of years.  The earliest examples
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Framing a Challenge
Challenges are a great way to ask for ideas to help solve a business problem or to encourage innovation around
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What is Idea Management?
So what is idea management anyway? Managing ideas may seem a strange concept to some. Do ideas need to be
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What is a great idea?
At Wazoku, we’re all about great ideas. In fact, Wazoku means great idea in Swahili. We believe in the power of capturing and
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