Introducing Global Nexus Challenges: The Next Generation of Open Innovation

By Ian Smyth

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Nexus: noun – a central focal point, connecting two or more things together.

Rethinking Open Innovation to Accelerate Positive Change

The world is wrestling with key issues such as Climate, Inclusion, Security, and Health. We believe that advancing solutions for these issues can be accelerated by recognizing the connection between them.

With over 20 years’ experience, Wazoku has a unique view of both the global challenges companies, NGOs, and governments are trying to solve and the breadth and depth of available solutions.

It has become clear to us that many challenges cross over, both in terms of the people who would benefit from a solution and the people who could solve them.

Tackling the climate challenge impacts on health, inclusion, and security: whether that’s food security, energy security, etc.

With a global crowd of 700,000+ problem solvers, subject matter experts, and start-ups, we are uniquely placed to help tackle these key issues. Building on over two decades of experience in prize in scouting Challenges, today we are introducing the Nexus Challenge.

Tackling Nexus Challenges

Nexus Challenges are an alternative to innovation prize contests. They tackle the connected, systemic issues at the intersection of climate change and health, security and inclusion, and more. These Challenges inherently span multiple dimensions, demanding innovative solutions that break free from the confines of silos.

Solutions with Impact at Scale

At the heart of Nexus Challenges is the Wazoku Crowd of global start-ups and Solvers – plus IP considerations and Solutions from Wazoku Data which documents more than 20 years of impact created by the Wazoku Crowd

How Nexus Challenges Work

The Nexus Challenge process is an extension of the familiar Challenge model. However, rather than offering many solutions to a single customer, it offers many solutions to many customers simultaneously. The solutions will all be located within a Wazoku Innovation Network (WIN), aligned to one of the key issues: such as Net Zero 2030.

Another difference from the normal Open Innovation process is that it all leads to a Showcase event, rather than a traditional Evaluation stage. This process is fully supported by Wazoku:

Ideation: Solvers submit their innovative solutions to Nexus Challenges via the Wazoku Crowd platform.

Evaluation: Expert reviewers meticulously assess submissions, identifying the top solutions with the potential for significant impact.

Mentorship: Selected Solvers receive valuable mentorship to refine and develop their solutions further. This prepares them to present their enhanced solutions to a curated network of Seekers from across the global Wazoku network.

Showcase Event: The pinnacle of Nexus Challenges is the Wazoku-hosted Showcase event. Here, Solvers present their solutions to a global audience, showcasing their potential to address critical Nexus Challenges to potential buyers or users worldwide. The objective is to secure follow-on engagement and commercial opportunities for our Solvers.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Nexus Challenges represent a bold stride towards tackling the world’s most pressing issues. It’s an opportunity for Solvers to make a tangible impact on climate, health, security, and inclusion, while gaining exposure to key stakeholders and needs holders.

At Wazoku, we firmly believe that innovation is the key to surmounting the challenges of our time. Together, we can forge a better, more sustainable future.

Stay tuned for more updates on WIN. To discover how you can actively participate in resolving Nexus Challenges that truly matter, visit the Nexus Showcase to delve deeper into this exciting initiative. Together, let’s innovate, collaborate, and change the world.

Rethinking Innovation for a Changing World

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By Ian Smyth

Ian is Wazoku's Chief Marketing Officer, guiding our storytelling efforts across the team. In his spare time, he's a keen illustrator and Formula 1 fan - although he'd enjoy watching it much more if Ferrari could stop finding ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!