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Waltham, MA – InnoCentive Inc., the pioneer in crowd sourced innovation and software platforms and Nosco, a software and consulting company specialized in idea management, today announced a strategic partnership that will provide clients with a wider array of innovation solutions.

The need for innovation is greater than ever before and one of the best ways for companies to innovate is through the crowd.  Crowdsourced innovation allows a company to engage a large and diverse community of people with different backgrounds, skills and competencies, who offer creative insight, novel ideas to solutions, business challenges or opportunities.

Challenge Driven Innovation from InnoCentive, engages its crowd of more than 300,000 problem solvers from 200 different countries, and Nosco works with the crowd within an organization, namely its employees. InnoCentive has a strong U.S. presence with companies such as AstraZeneca, Cleveland Clinic and NASA on its client list; Nosco has a strong focus on Europe with clients such as BASF, Volvo and Volkswagen.

Together, Nosco and InnoCentive now provide the innovation services and applications needed for effective crowdsourced innovation both within and outside an organization.

“We are impressed with the Idea Management leadership of Nosco and are pleased to add these capabilities to our crowdsourced Challenge Driven Innovation capabilities. We can now provide our clients a full suite of idea generation, idea management and solution generation capabilities,” said Craig Jones, Chairman of the Board and CEO, for InnoCentive.

“With this partnership both Nosco and InnoCentive further strengthen their capabilities to make organizations more innovative. To be a truly innovative organization, we believe you need to engage both people within the organization and experts from outside. This partnership provides our clients with some of the best tools and expertise in the world for engaging people in innovation so they can reach broader and become better and more efficient innovators,” said CEO Oliver Bernhard of Nosco.


About InnoCentive

InnoCentive is the global leader in crowdsourcing innovation solutions from the world’s smartest people who compete to provide ideas and solutions to important business, social, policy, scientific and technical challenges. Our global network of millions of problem solvers, proven challenge methodology and cloud-based technology combine to help our clients transform their economics of innovation through rapid solution delivery and the development of sustainable open innovation programs. For more than a decade, leading organizations such as AARP Foundation, Air Force Research Labs, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cleveland Clinic, Eli Lilly & Company, EMC Corporation, NASA, Nature Publishing Group, Procter & Gamble, Scientific American, Syngenta, The Economist, Thomson Reuters and the U.S. EPA have partnered with InnoCentive to rapidly generate innovative new ideas and solve problems faster, more cost effectively and with less risk than ever before. For more information, visit, email:, or call 1-855-CROWDNOW (U.S.) or +44 (0) 207 935 0827 (International).


About Nosco

Nosco is a software and consultancy company focused on innovation and idea management. Nosco App is a social platform for ideas, which organizations use to tap into the innovative potential of their workforce, customers and partners. Nosco’s consulting services help clients transform themselves into collaborative and innovative organizations. Nosco’s clients include some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world, such as Volkswagen, BASF and Reebok. Learn more about Nosco at

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