How to thrive in the age of disruption

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Ah, the age of disruption! The future of work! The fourth industrial revolution! Futurists and thought leaders have been talking about this for some time. The world of work is changing – on a technological, political and social-cultural scale. Powerful new forms of technology are increasing our rates of productivity capability; demanding new skillsets in the process. How can we adapt and transform our organisations into something that can actually reap the benefits of this new world order?

Business transformation can be overwhelming to some, but it needn’t be – after all, this is the fourth industrial revolution, not the first. As humans, we can be resistant to change but we also know change is fundamental to progress, which is fundamental to growth. Especially as we seek to avoid the risks of becoming irrelevant and obsolete.

We’ve all heard the stories: Apple swooped in and took advantage of Xerox developing the first personal computer but not investing in the idea; or Kodak’s research laboratory first inventing the digital camera in 1975 but not pursuing it further; or, again, Apple diving in with the iPhone as Nokia continued to focus on hardware instead of software, as it feared changing the user experience.

Blockbuster-Netflix. Sony-iPod. The list goes on. How many more great ideas are sitting right under the noses of staff not noticed, taken seriously or acted upon?

Business leaders can get ahead of the curve and take steps to redefine their approach to innovation. No longer a singular event or bespoke piece of work, it is possible to embed innovation across the board, engaging employees (plus your customersnetwork and the general public) at every level. After all, if change is an everyday part of life now, so is the need to innovate.

It’s this challenge of transformation that tends to affect established corporations the most – yet once embraced, has the potential to cultivate innovation at every level. Purpose, meaning and fulfilment are now high on the agenda for skilled, savvy employees looking for more than just a pay cheque. Smart companies don’t just create a culture of creativity that embraces novel, inventive, original thinking, but a process for managing the outpour of ideas for the benefit of all.

A Global Home to Co-Create

In this complex and fast-evolving world of work, no one organisation has all the answers.

  • Businesses don’t always know what direction to evolve in and customers don’t always know exactly what they want.
  • C-suite are struggling to understand the impact that disruptive start-ups and powerful emergent technologies are having on their business.
  • Meanwhile, many organisations are realising that the solutions they’re looking for may lie outside of the business.

No longer a fringe concept, co-creation has gone mainstream. It’s fast becoming a crucial strategy for any organisation that wants to create a thriving culture of innovation. From partners to suppliers, scientists, academics, competitors and customers, businesses are harnessing the value of networks of people closest to them, to help generate ideas and solve challenges together whilst preparing for the future of work.

Wazoku believes ideas enable you to drive innovation for today and for tomorrow, with the right connected communities & networks. These ideas are the currency of a successful business.

However, some ideas will be relevant now while others may be relevant for a challenge you’ll face in the future. To manage this effectively, you need a living library of solutions, knowledge and insight from the people who know your business best – so when the right time arrives, your ideas are at your fingertips and ready for development, feedback and implementation.

Having a centralised, always-on place to co-create with crowds inside, outside and across your organisation, you’ll solve problems, uncover opportunities, drive positive change and more. The opportunities are endless. By fostering a Global Home for Ideas, powered by Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight, every idea, every challenge and every possible solution lives, develops and can be implemented when you need it most.

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By Wazoku

Wazoku is an innovation SaaS business that helps some of the world’s biggest organizations to innovate at scale. Whether it’s making the most of your employee's ideas, identifying new partners to collaborate with, or exploring the boundless potential of open innovation – or all three! – Wazoku makes innovation happen.