‘Explore vs Exploit’: The Crucial Balance in Driving Innovation Forward

By Simon Hill

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Two fundamental approaches to innovation have emerged in this world of dynamic business growth and change: exploring future opportunities and exploiting current assets. In this blog, I’ll delve deeper into the essence of these approaches, underscoring their pivotal role in fostering an ambidextrous organization capable of navigating the ever-evolving demands of the market.

Exploit Innovation: Maximizing Value from Existing Assets

Exploit Innovation is characterized by its focus on enhancing and refining current knowledge, products, or services. It’s the art of perfecting what already exists, optimizing processes for better efficiency, and improving performance to cut costs and expand market share. This approach is about making incremental changes to leverage the full potential of current assets, embodying the essence of idea management by streamlining operations for sustained growth.

Explore Innovation: The Quest for New Horizons

In contrast, Explore Innovation is the daring pursuit of the unknown, experimenting with innovative ideas, venturing into untapped markets, or crafting novel products and services. This path is fraught with risks and uncertainties, requiring a culture that embraces failure as a stepping stone to learning. It’s the embodiment of open innovation, where the pursuit of transformative breakthroughs can unlock new avenues for growth and redefine the playing field.

Striking the Right Balance

The hallmark of a successful organization lies in its ability to harmonize these two innovation streams. Employing strategies like 3 Horizon thinking aids in developing a balanced innovation portfolio, ensuring both the sustainability of current operations and the agility to adapt to new opportunities. This equilibrium is not just desirable but essential for enduring success, allowing companies to flourish in the face of changing environments.

A Real-World Illustration: The Fight Against Child Mortality

A compelling testament to the power of balancing Explore and Exploit innovation comes from the global health arena, where efforts to reduce avoidable child mortality have seen remarkable successes over the past two decades. Initiatives began with an explorative approach, investing in research to uncover solutions that have drastically reduced deaths from measles, pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, and HIV through innovative treatments and vaccines. Yet, the journey didn’t stop there.

Understanding the profound impact of these innovations, the focus shifted towards exploiting this newfound knowledge to maximize its reach and save millions of lives. This strategy emphasizes not just the creation of new solutions but the effective implementation of existing ones, showcasing the dual importance of continuing to explore new solutions while exploiting current knowledge to its fullest potential.

The Path Forward

At Wazoku, we champion the ‘Explore vs. Exploit’ attitude towards innovation, recognizing it as a cornerstone for building ambidextrous organizations adept at open innovation and robust idea management. This balanced approach is not just a strategy but a philosophy, underpinned by our product suite in Wazoku Platform, Portal, Crowd, and Scout, that allows you to manage your Exploit and Explore activities in one place.

As we look towards a world constantly reshaped by innovation, the interplay between exploring new possibilities and exploiting existing capabilities will continue to be a critical driver of sustainable growth and transformative impact.

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By Simon Hill

As CEO and Founder of Wazoku, Simon has been the driving force behind the business since the very beginning. When the gaps in his busy schedule appear, Simon loves to cycle, even completing London to Devon and London and Bristol bike rides in the last few years!