Enel and InnoCentive are Seeking Clean and Affordable Energy Solutions Through SDG #7

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According to the United Nations’ website, about 13 percent of the global population still lacks access to modern electricity, and there are still three billion people worldwide who lack access to clean-cooking solutions.

Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today — be it for jobs, security, climate action, food production or increasing incomes. Focusing on universal access to energy, increased energy efficiency and the increased use of renewable energy through new economic and job opportunities is crucial to creating more sustainable and inclusive communities and resilience to environmental issues like climate change.

This is why The United Nations created Sustainable Development Goal #7: Affordable and Clean Energy.


What is SDG #7?


The primary goal of SDG #7 is to ensure access to clean, affordable and reliable energy to people everywhere. This will not only significantly improve the quality of life on a global scale, it will also help with global sustainability efforts and aid in the security of the environment for future generations.

In order to achieve this goal, the UN has set several targets that it plans to reach by 2030:

    • Ensure universal access of affordable, reliable and modern energy services to the world.
    • Substantially increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.
    • Double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.

Foster and increase international cooperation in order to facilitate access to clean energy research and technology, including:

    • Renewable energy
    • Energy efficiency
    • Advanced and cleaner fossil-fuel technology

Help developing countries expand their energy infrastructure and upgrade their technology so that they are better suited to supply modern and sustainable energy services.

Past Challenges that Have Featured SDG #7:


More Clean and Affordable Energy Challenges are in development from Enel. Frequently check the Enel Pavilion to see the latest challenges.

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