Company Collaboration: Wazoku’s New Premium Offering 

By Michael Watkins

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Effective collaboration is the key to scalable innovation and growth. Companies often seek partners who share their vision and values to co-create and generate new insights. That’s where ‘Company Collaboration’, the new premium add-on for Wazoku customers, comes into play. This innovative addition is set to transform the way organizations collaborate with ideal partner companies, making the process easier, quicker, and more effective. 

The Collaboration Conundrum 

Innovation, at its core, thrives on collaboration. Companies of all sizes need to work closely with suppliers, partners, and start-ups to remain competitive. Therefore, the need for diverse perspectives, skill sets, and resources has never been greater. Yet, traditional approaches to collaboration are often marred by restrictions to openness and clarity that stifle the innovation process. 

“You want to understand your company’s value and goals and then scout for things that benefit the overall goals of the business. Be relevant. Don’t just say: “Hey, there’s this cool gadget out there.” Does it add business value? Stick to that.” 
// Ashley Coleman – Technology Development Manager at Duke Energy 

This quote comes from Innolead’s recent report on Smarter Scouting. This report was produced in collaboration with Wazoku and can be found here! 

A paramount issue that companies face when collaborating with external entities is sharing sensitive information and valuable insights securely. All organizations need to have confidence that Company Collaboration allows them to retain control of their data, information, and collaboration network, without allowing for unauthorized access. 

With this solved, companies can have complete confidence in their ability to co-create and collaborate with anyone and everyone that they choose. Company Collaboration is the breakthrough solution to this collaboration conundrum.  

Introducing Company Collaboration 

With the introduction of Company Collaboration on the Wazoku platform, these hurdles are seamlessly overcome, making it a game-changing addition for companies seeking to accelerate innovation endeavors.  

Imagine having the ability to co-create with suppliers, partners, and start-ups to accelerate your innovation activity while upholding vital security considerations. Company Collaboration is designed to do just that, enabling Wazoku customers to collaborate with Companies within the Wazoku platform in a Co-Creation Community

You can use Company Collaboration to bring new start-ups and SMEs into your network, leveraging their cutting-edge insights to propel your organization forward.  

Benefits of Company Collaboration 

This premium functionality seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow on the Wazoku platform, providing a full list of contributing users associated with each partner company, allowing you to understand the contributions of different partners to your innovation outcomes. 

Another benefit of this premium add-on is enhanced collaboration, due to the centralization of the co-creation space, housing all collaboration in one location. As such, co-creation efforts have the potential to be even more effective, with such precision resulting in less time and resource wasted on pulling disparate activity together. 

Security remains a priority for Wazoku, and Company Collaboration ensures that control sits exclusively with you: ensuring that no one has access to anything that they shouldn’t. 

In a world where innovation and collaboration are paramount, Company Collaboration with Wazoku platform is truly transformative – helping to build stronger relationships with partner companies. With Company Collaboration, organizations will co-create with suppliers, partners, and start-ups to expedite innovation efforts. Embrace this premium feature and unlock the full potential of collaboration on the Wazoku platform.  

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By Michael Watkins

Michael is Wazoku's Product and Brand Marketing lead. Away from the office, he's our resident film buff, so if you want some recommendations for a night in front of Netflix or a trip to your local cinema, get in touch with him!