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By Henry Crabtree

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Whether it comes from Carl Jung or Bill Nye, there’s a quote that says: “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t. Learn from them.” At Wazoku Crowd, we live and breathe this principle. Open Innovation, crowdsourcing, or whatever you may call it has this simple maxim at its heart: we are better together.

Our crowd of 700,000+ registered innovators, problem solvers, and change makers constantly surprises me. Whether in lending their expertise and knowledge to the development of new AI models, building blueprints for more effective sanitation facilities in refugee camps, or finding new ways to bridge the digital gender gap, our crowd is ingenious, passionate, and effective.

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Change the World

Solvers have contributed to changing the world, one idea at a time:

Your solutions will help you to stand out, gain experience, and get rewarded. Every day, we help to solve a whole world of problems: you would be a valuable part of this.

Join a Valued Community of Wazoku Crowd Solvers

Almost all of Wazoku Crowd’s (formerly InnoCentive) success over the last twenty years is down to our Solvers. It is important that we treat the time, effort, and dedication spent to solving the world’s problems and opportunities with the respect that it deserves.

We’ve run nearly 3,000 Challenges, awarding our Wazoku Crowd Solvers over $60,000,000 USD in the process. With both monetary awards and the potential for collaboration as incentives, we aim to enable each member of our crowd – whether individual, team, start-up, or otherwise – to feel confident that there is something out there for them to solve and a hearty, fair incentive for creating those solutions.

Your Suggestions and Improvements Taken Seriously

In recent months, we’ve streamlined our open innovation process. With new Prize Challenge and Scouting Challenge types, we’re helping to remove barriers to entry and increase the transparency of the process. Solvers had been asking and can now see everything up front, aside from in very special cases, meaning you know exactly the scope of the task when you accept the Challenge Agreement.

Our Challenges’ incentives are still split between monetary or collaboration opportunities for the winning submissions, but we are introducing more ways to win. In the recent International Rescue Committee (IRC) Challenge, nearly 210 Wazoku Crowd Solvers contributed their expertise to solving an overarching humanitarian issue, with split award amounts for the component categories of this issue. That way, Solvers from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise could all come together to solve this important problem – while each being up for the overall award amount.

We have many more Challenges coming this year across a variety of disciplines. Why not sign up to be the first to see these opportunities?

By Henry Crabtree

Wazoku's Community Marketing Manager, Henry is also a life-long Manchester United fan - but we still love him, regardless. When he's not cheering the Reds on, he's working his way through an extensive reading list. Need a book recommendation? He's your man!