Autumn 2020 Product Release

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 Wazoku Announces Autumn 2020 Product Release

Wazoku, a leading idea management platform announced its 2020 Autumn product release with new features to support a more integrated and frictionless workflow for managing innovation outcomes from idea to implementation.

Integrating along the Innovation value chain

With the long-standing trend towards increased remote or flexible working and additional innovation in working practices necessitated by recent months, there are more software tools for businesses than ever before. This need to connect in different ways has meant organisations are keen to harness the power of these applications. However, managing different systems and devices can add complexity, lead to duplication of efforts and switching constantly can be a time drain – all of which work to diminish the benefits gained. Our product development over the last quarter has been geared towards tackling some of these challenges for organisational innovation. Here are some of the highlights:

Jira Cloud integration: Creating an integrated workflow

Innovation outcomes rely on delivery of the ideas in our innovation funnel. Our recent integration with the leading project management tool, Jira Cloud, offers a powerful end to end workflow from initial concept to project delivery.

The integration allows users of Jira to connect their Jira projects directly to their Wazoku Challenges. Once Ideas are ready to implement, all the details can be seamlessly transferred to Jira, mapping over relevant fields, so that there’s no need to re-enter details. As the work is undertaken in Jira, status updates are fed back to the Wazoku platform to keep stakeholders updated on progress. This integration enables a more joined up approach across the innovation workflow from Challenge launch to Idea implementation. You can read the full press release here.

Ideas on the go: Enhancing the Ideas App

We’re seeing usage of our Idea App (iOS & Android) grow as users take advantage of the ability to add and manage Ideas anywhere at any time from their mobile devices – even when they’re offline. We’ve been increasing functionality to match our desktop application. This includes suggested keywords for new Ideas, the ability to create Idea teams and more actions on Idea cards. We know one of the major benefits of the Idea App is being able to use it offline at times that you might not have connectivity. Therefore, we’ve been working to improve the user experience and syncing of content to support this.

Augmenting our powerful AI – Localising our recommendations tool

Our recommendations tool has been in place for a while, highlighting connected Ideas and matching Ideas to Challenges. This helps innovation leaders unlock potential and ensure good ideas are surfaced when needed and never lost. Given we serve a global client base, we wanted to ensure this included all content across entire Idea systems regardless of the language of the contributor. So, we’ve implemented recommendations in the majority of our supported languages.

Contact us if you’d like more information about these updates or for a full demo of our platform.

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