A Game-Changing Year: Goodbye to 2022!

By Michael Watkins

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It’s that time of year again when the innovation elves working in the Wazoku workshop put their feet up for a well-earned break. For the next week or so, we’ll be resting, recuperating, and getting ready to come back even stronger in 2023.

These last 12 months have seen an immense amount of change for Wazoku. We’ve welcomed nearly 50 newcomers into our team – for a company yet to reach 100 employees, this is a remarkable statistic that reflects the growth we’ve been able to achieve and support in other areas.

Also, innovation programs that we support for businesses around the world have also gone from strength to strength in 2022, as program leaders are seeing the benefits of an open approach to a post-COVID business landscape. Enel harnessed the power of its global network to move towards the creation of a circular energy economy. Habitat for Humanity brought four Challenges to a close that cover locations across three continents and have the potential to change millions of lives for the better.

ICL awarded five different solutions to its Challenge run to our Wazoku Crowd. In the words of its Director of External Innovation, Dr. Robert Stenekes, these solutions are “changing the face of environmentally-friendly growing.” Elsewhere, The Geneva Learning Foundation used our platform to connect medical professionals all over the world in a knowledge-sharing network. This forum led to better engagement with local communities globally as well as a greater uptake in vaccinations and increased health equity worldwide.

The success of these programs is rooted in a platform and a product that refuses to stand still. Numerous updates have made the Wazoku platform easier to use and more comprehensive in scope, making innovation success more achievable for Wazoku customers this year. Feedback from our clients is what drives a lot of the improvements we seek to make, and it’s this same feedback which has seen us identified by G2 as a leader in the idea management space.

G2’s recognition of Wazoku’s place in the industry is simply the latest in a long line of awards Wazoku picked up in 2022. From business-wide achievements to personal triumphs, overall, we’ve won ten different awards and certifications this year. This is indicative of our maturity as a business and a brand that, in the years to come, will strive for greater success and pioneering endeavours in the innovation space and beyond.

With all that ticked off in the last 12 months, it’s no surprise that we need a break. So, for the next week, we will be eating, drinking, and being merry – at scale, as with anything we do. Wazoku will be back in January 2023 for more. We hope to see you there and we can’t wait for another ground-breaking year where we change the world, one idea at a time.

By Michael Watkins

Michael is Wazoku's Product and Brand Marketing lead. Away from the office, he's our resident film buff, so if you want some recommendations for a night in front of Netflix or a trip to your local cinema, get in touch with him!