The benefits of table tennis in the office

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Here at Wazoku we believe that employee engagement and company culture is also about well-being, and being able to relax and have fun in the office. This is where table tennis comes in: it’s one of the favourite features in our workplace and everyone gets involved. There are many reasons why table tennis should be adopted by other companies too:


Improves concentration and brain function – Sometimes when I am stuck on writing a blog post, it helps a lot to take a break and play a short game. When I go back to my desk I generally feel refreshed and ready to carry on writing.

Stress Relief – Instead of banging the computer keys in frustration, why not hit a few balls? Physical activity is a great way of letting off steam and alleviating the effects of stress and anxiety.

Cardio activity – Sitting at one’s desk all day has been proven to be very unhealthy and is in fact killing us (it’s been called the new smoking, even). Taking a few breaks to get your heart pumping will oxygenate your body, promoting cell rejuvenation.

Weight Loss – As in a lot of other offices everywhere, we also have lots of sweet treats in the office. Getting up and active helps burn out some extra calories.

Staff Engagement – It has helped everyone get to know each other better, and feel part of a team, not to mention that we all have fun playing.

It’s a safe and easy activity – Anyone can play it and fairly risk free too – the balls are hollow and won’t cause any black eyes if you’re not that skillful.

It’s inexpensive – Seeing all these benefits, investing in a ping pong table is a relatively inexpensive way for companies to take advantage of all these gains. Are you convinced yet?

What kind of staff engagement activities do you have in your organisation?