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BBC iCreate Launched

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We’ve recently received publicity of our work with the BBC on their new iCreate platform. First, with Broadcast:

BBC iCreate will allow employees based in London, Bristol, Salford, Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow to capture ideas for TV shows which other staff can them comment on.

BBC in-house productions chief creative officer Pat Younge said: “Good programming ideas need development, feedback and discussion and employee engagement is a key part of how BBC Production operates.

“We believe we have a wealth of untapped creative talent which BBC iCreate, using Wazoku’s platform customised to our specific needs, can help liberate us to generate some fantastic TV shows.”

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And also with Angel News.

Idea management firm Wazoku is working with the BBC’s in house production department on what is thought to be the UK media’s largest ever idea management roll-out. BBC Production is using Wazoku’s software as the basis of BBC iCreate, a major new online approach to developing potential ideas for future TV shows.

Wazoku’s software captures staff ideas for TV shows from BBC Production employees at all levels, from trainees and business support staff to senior creatives and HR. Other employees then comment on the suggestions in a bid to move the idea forward. The most talked about ideas are then moved into a more formal development process.

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We will bring you more coverage of our work with BBC as they release.