Agile (Development) on the Rocks

wazoku News

Our Agile on the Rocks event about agile development was held with Pivotal Labs at The Hospital Club last night between 5:30 to 9:00 PM.

The event began well with JB Steadman emceeing and introducing the speakers. Rosemarie Diegnan gave a wonderful talk on how Wazoku and Pivotal Tracker worked together to create an ideal, innovative agile environment. Catherine Walker questioned the benefits of estimation, saying that sometimes crystal ball gazing can get people caught up in the wrong details.

Robert Rees then gave us a passioned talk about how rules can be restrictions and how an unstructured environment could lead to more success and Gabrielle Benefield concluded the talk by making us think about how to reframe our expectations on outcomes and principles, rather than specific processes.

Afterwards, the audience had more than a few questions, especially about how to convince clients and bosses to get rid of estimations and structures and the panel concluded around 8 PM, giving guests and speakers plenty of time to have a chat.

Overall the event was a wonderful success and we appreciate the speakers and Pivotal Labs for working with us to create such a great, informative collection of talks. If you’d like to see a few snapshots from the event, take a look at our Facebook page.