InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Our Culture and Values

Our culture and values

Wazoku is a founder-led, entrepreneurially-minded business. It’s a place where ideas are welcome and encouraged.

At Wazoku, we believe that every individual can have an impact and create positive change – through the power of great ideas. We use our own Innovation_360 platform internally and with customers to make our company the best place to work and our product the most powerful tech it can be.

We are passionate, customer-focused, collaborative and accountable – we live and breathe these values and seek ambitious, social people who will do the same. Life happens outside the office too and we’re all for finding that perfect work-life balance.

Bring us back a magnet for the office fridge from your travels!

We have a long history of promoting from within. We’ve hired apprentices and watched them grow into team leads in Quality Assurance, Software Development, and Digital Marketing. We’ve hired Business Development Representatives and watched them bloom into Line Managers and Enterprise Account Managers, driving significant revenue across the organization. We’ve hired an intern in the UK, who grew into a Software Developer role, moved to India, had a child, was promoted to a Senior role, and is now our Director of Software Engineering – all within 8 years!

If you can join Wazoku at any level, anything is possible.

Bea Schofield

Director of Customer Success

Culture that lasts through adversity

Our four Wazoku values – Passionate, Customer-Focused, Collaborative, Accountable – has built a culture that constantly reminds each of us, from executive team to apprentice, that we are responsible both as individuals and collectively as functional teams and ultimately as an organisation.

Simon Hill
Simon Hill
CEO, Wazoku

It is this culture that has allowed us to thrive during the extraordinary circumstances of a global pandemic that has seen everyone’s world suddenly change. Relying on our values, everyone has come together to not only make sure that we continue to service our customers, but also ensure that everyone in the business continues to be safe and secure.

Abi Anderson

Sales Engineering Manager

Our Innopod team is a cross-departmental group that seeks to drive our Wazoku Life and organizes events to keep everyone engaged and connected. In 2020, they organized a successful fundraising event that simultaneously allowed us to support the Anthony Nolan Foundation and to get us all moving with 10k steps a day while stuck in our homes.

As a management team, we make sure that we provide support for team members that may have had particular challenges during this time. This goes all the way from simple gestures like regular virtual touchpoints, through employee benefits with mental health services and counselling availability, and to increased time off for individuals suffering from COVID-19.

We ran a number of COVID-specific innovation challenges and have published the outcomes and donated thousands of pounds to nominated causes, on behalf of some of the winning innovators in these challenges. We also extended an offer to our clients to run any COVID-related innovation challenges on our Innovation_360 platform for a significantly reduced fee.

Our work with governments, private industry, and not-for-profits has delivered success in a number of challenges, including one relating to innovation in mask technology. Our partnership with The Geneva Learning Foundation saw our Innovation_360 platform being used to support vaccine recovery in the wake of the pandemic – with over 1,200 ideas shared in the first 10 days of its use.