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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

QA Lead

QA Lead

Bogotá, Colombia
Mid-Senior level

About You

You are an experienced QA, with ambitious horizons who wants to play a significant and rewarding role within our development team, where you are proactive, determined and passionate about Quality.

You are a creative and determined person that likes to "lead by example" to constantly drive the releases forward.

About the role

We are passionate about delivering quality software and we provide a supportive learning environment to help test Engineers really succeed, progress and develop their careers.

This senior individual contributor role provides you with an opportunity to partake and contribute to the quality of a feature or product from their inception, not just when code is handed over to QA. This is an integral role on the product team, collaborating with development and support teams through the whole SDLC.

About Wazoku

Will you help to provide clean water to schools in Mexico? To find a better solution to protect astronauts? To invent the next multi-billion market breakthrough? At Wazoku, that’s exactly what we achieve as we; change the world, one idea at a time.

We do this through our enterprise innovation platform that help organisations to find that one person who has that one idea wherever they are to solve their smallest to biggest problems to generate solutions that truly change the world. We work with Global 2000 organisations from the likes of NASA to Nissan and GSK, helping them discover new products and services, continuous improvements, but also ways to sustain our planet.

Wouldn’t you want to be part of this? To be involved in a new breakthrough idea that helped change the world into a better place? If so – we would love to hear from you.


As well as being an Individual Contributor testing our Products - other key responsibilities will be:

  • Reviewing test plans and test cases for the team and giving constructive feedback
  • Estimating work effort
  • Managing changing priorities
  • Administrating the test case management tool
  • Coaching and mentoring the QA team
  • Constantly assessing risk and adjusting strategies accordingly
  • Writing, maintaining and analysing automation tests
  • Working closely with the Director of Quality Assurance.

Cool things about being a tester at Wazoku

  • Joining at an exciting “upscaling” time – lots of other new people joining and learning alongside you
  • We consider testing to be at the core of our development processes
  • Automation currently is a key focus for the QA team.
  • QA’s have a voice at Wazoku and are an integral part of the team, where differing views and healthy discourse are respected and encouraged
  • Working in an emerging domain/market sector – on a product that is on the cutting edge
  • Total dedication to ensuring realistic sprint goals are being set to allow scrum teams to succeed rather than burnout.
  • A team with a focus on innovation and embracing early adoption of practices and technologies.


  • B1 minimum level English
  • Familiar with using tools for requirements tracking like Jira or Confluence
  • Experience with CICD processes using tools like Jenkins or similar
  • Likes to form a deep understanding of the product/features under test
  • Ability to distill complex requirements into clear and thorough test coverage
  • The ability to communicate complex ideas both verbally and written
  • Care about process improvements within the team/company
  • Can give helpful and constructive feedback in a supportive way
  • Has automation experience
  • Experience working across time zones in an agile environment


Although we work hard, we also recognise the importance of maintaining a proper integration of work/life priorities and providing a culture that encourages creativity and productivity. Our benefits include:

  • $20+ USD contractual homeworking internet benefit
  • Flexible Holiday that recognises employees are best able to determine when and how often they need to take time off to recharge their batteries, while still meeting their performance objectives
  • Birthday day off
  • Thanks Ben benefits, including $40 per month to spend on personal wellbeing
  • Excellent maternity and adoption policy – 18 weeks full pay and then a further 8 weeks at half pay if you wish to take it
  • Excellent Paternity pay – 4 weeks to be taken the year of the birth of the child, 4 weeks to be taken in the second year after the birth of the child
  • Paid sick leave
  • Mental Health Services
  • Anniversary bonus

Salary: $1700 - $1800 per Month.