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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Frontend Software Developer

Frontend Software Developer

Bogotá, Colombia
Mid-Senior level

About You

You are able to demonstrate strength and capabilities in frontend technologies and are aspiring to learn and grow to become a full stack developer. You are a team player with a keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills.

About the role

You will be responsible for implementing and maintaining our SaaS platform and its integrations.

You will be focused on delivery of tasks assigned and designing solutions for well-defined stories. You will work with other developers, Product Managers and Quality Assurance analysts throughout the software development life cycle.

You will be involved in new feature development and maintenance of our Platform written in TypeScript & AngularJS/Angular on the front-end and Django & DRF in the back end. You will also be required to participate in Production Support rotations and resolve customer issues

About Wazoku

Every day we help people find, capture and share ideas to improve our world.

Our Idea Management and Open Innovation tools enable problem solving at scale. Our global clients deliver proven innovation ROI, by engaging everyone in their innovation communities (colleagues, suppliers, partners, customers) or our amazing crowd of almost 500,000 on-demand open innovation problem solvers to solve their innovation challenges rapidly, securely and effectively from idea to invoice.


Required Skills

  • Good grasp of general web principals including web performance, security, responsive design & mobile constraints.
  • Knowledge of distributed version control systems such as Git
  • Knowledge of software testing techniques such as unit, integration, and automated browser testing
  • Proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Proficient in client-side frameworks such as Angular or React.
  • Experience with HTML and CSS

Desired Skills

  • Experience with Android/iOS App development
  • Knowledge of UI design and CSS is advantageous
  • Experience in backend technologies is advantageous


Although we work hard, we also recognise the importance of maintaining a proper integration of work/life priorities and providing a culture that encourages creativity and productivity. Our benefits include:

  • $20+ USD contractual homeworking internet benefit
  • Flexible Holiday that recognises employees are best able to determine when and how often they need to take time off to recharge their batteries, while still meeting their performance objectives
  • Birthday day off
  • Thanks Ben benefits, including $40 per month to spend on personal wellbeing
  • Excellent maternity and adoption policy – 18 weeks full pay and then a further 8 weeks at half pay if you wish to take it
  • Excellent Paternity pay – 4 weeks to be taken the year of the birth of the child, 4 weeks to be taken in the second year after the birth of the child
  • Paid sick leave
  • Mental Health Services
  • Anniversary bonus

**$20,000 - $25,000 USD per annum depending on experience**