With Transforme’s expertise and deep understanding of innovation in Latin America, we recognised the perfect choice for a partner.

The partnership furthers our global expansion and we’re excited to work with this leading innovation consultancy to drive innovation across the region.

Transforme is known for its highly experienced approach when it comes to corporate innovation management services in Latin America. The company offers a strong innovation framework and methodology, that can be tailored for individual companies. Transforme has also worked with some of the biggest organisations in the region. It has offices in Chile and Ecuador, and more than 100 clients in eight countries, including Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Peru.

The consultancy works both with clients who have an internal Innovation Management Office (IMO), and those who set up external innovation hubs to co-create with start-ups or strategic business partners on more disruptive innovation programmes. This is where we can provide support – to help businesses across the region drive adoption of their innovation programmes.

Having implemented several innovation management systems for over a decade now, Transforme was looking for a partner that better reflected the needs for innovation management in Latin America, which is mainly focused on large corporates. They found it with our range of flexible and  powerful solutions.

When it comes to idea management, we offer organisations a unique idea management platform that supports almost every type of innovation programme. Our proven approaches enable organisations to innovate at scale and embed a culture of innovation at its core.

Our InnoCentive open innovation marketplace and Transforme’s comprehensive consultancy expertise also brings exciting opportunities for those businesses who are looking for a wider source of ideas. With a global network of 500,000+ expert problem ‘solvers’ to contribute their ideas and solutions, clients can crowdsource ideas and solutions from around the world and integrate them with their innovation programmes seamlessly.

As Latin American companies look to enhance and improve their innovation management, our partnership will enable them to benefit from an end-to-end innovation solution, expert consultancy services and people who understand the local requirements better than anyone.

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