Schumpit has earned a reputation as one of Southern Europe’s most highly regarded innovation consultancies.

As we further extend our international expansion into Spain, Catalonia and Portugal, we knew this partnership would be a really great match for us. We’re excited about how we can work together to help organisations across the region.

Schumpit already works with many of the largest companies in Spain, Catalonia and Portugal such as Parlem Telecom, Catalonia’s leading telco, and a number of retailers, public sector organisations, manufacturers and pharmaceuticals. They recognise that many companies in the region are ready to change and embrace innovation but don’t yet know how to do it.

Schumpit’s approach is based on helping businesses during their growth and transformation processes, focusing on achieving innovation. To solve the needs of each individual client, the team at Schumpit designs a tailored approach. A lot of its consultancy work is focused on aspects such as creating an environment that’s beneficial to innovation, breaking down any barriers to change and changing mindsets. 

While innovation is a global industry, the kind of local market knowledge that Schumpit has is vital to help organisations succeed. Innovation success depends on the right people, platform and process. That’s where Wazoku stands out – we can deliver true business value by helping organisations address strategic challenges.

Schumpit’s expertise and experience offer the perfect complement to Wazoku’s global technology platform and other services. It means that, together, we can help more organisations harness the possibilities to address challenges, whether that’s through idea management or open innovation. In fact, our InnoCentive open innovation marketplace brings another dimension to our work, including putting the world’s biggest community of expert problem solvers at our clients’ fingertips. This is an exciting capability that isn’t yet very common in Southern Europe.

Like for many companies globally, the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly created growing pressure to differentiate and be more agile. Together, we can work with large enterprises across Iberia that are increasingly looking to adopt a more innovative approach to business.