We’re delighted to be working in partnership with long-established, Norwegian-based innovation consultancy, Iprosess.

There’s a growing demand for idea management in Scandinavia and, together, we’ll provide organisations across the region with even easier access to comprehensive, powerful innovation solutions.

Iprosess was founded in 1999. It already works with some of the biggest organisations in Norway, helping them to take a more innovative approach and drive idea management in a practical way. Wazoku opened its first European office in Copenhagen in 2017, working with organisations including Danish Crowdsourcing and construction firm Enemærke & Petersen.

The Iprosess team has a deep understanding of the Norwegian market and an instinctive understanding of what organisations there need. The company has built a reputation for its people-first approach to change management. It’s also shown itself to be successful in developing the culture and process that are vital to innovation within an organisation. 

People are any organisation’s biggest asset when it comes to innovation, and it’s essential to engage them to ensure they’re motivated and fully behind an innovation programme. Enabling that engagement is something Iprosess do well, and alongside our agile, flexible and enterprise-ready idea management platform, it creates a powerful solution for Scandinavian organisations.

As well as its consultancy, another aspect of the work Iprosess does, is forming networking groups for Norwegian CEOs and senior leaders in HR and IT. These groups are designed as a place for members to discuss innovation as well as the culture and technology needed to embrace an innovative approach in business. 

Today, there’s a growing requirement for idea management in Scandinavia, and we’re in the ideal position to meet it. The excellent consultancy services that Iprosess  offers, plus the innovation solutions we offer creates exciting possibilities for users that can deliver excellent business value.

Our joint services are particularly ideal for larger enterprises in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia, helping them create a culture that embraces the future and puts in place the digital tools they need to do it. This is an exciting partnership with huge potential to help organisations harness the embrace the future innovation.

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