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How does your innovation programme compare to the best of the best?

For over 30 years ideasUK has been working with organisations in the public and private sector across all industries and many countries to support the development of workplace innovation. Through working with such a diverse set of organisations, they have identified what good really looks like and have the practical experience to help you achieve success.

A key component of this is the ideasUK Accreditation, a way for organisations to give both internal and external prominence to their workplace innovation programme. In essence this is an audit, with questions that have been refined over a number of years and now fully mapped to BS ISO 56002 to provide you with a blueprint for your programme and support you to add greater value to your organisation in the future.

The process either takes place within your organisation, where an innovation management specialist will spend a day, asking questions covering the end-to-end process of innovation management from ideation, marketing and communications through to the process and analytics. Alternatively, the process can be conducted virtually. In this instance, as an organisation you provide answers to all 50 questions, sending supplementary material where required. One of their specialists would review your submission and organise a 2 hour Zoom call to review areas where more information may be required and the greatest development potential exists.

Accreditation: What is it?

An end to end review of your scheme covering the following areas, aligned to BS ISO 56002

  • Organisational Context
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Planning
  • Support – Resources
  • Support – People
  • Support – Communication & Publicity
  • Operational Process
  • Management Information
  • Performance Reporting
  • Continuous Improvement

Aim to celebrate strengths & provide a road-map for development

Through the ideasUK Accreditation, they support you to:

1. Celebrate Success

The audit will highlight the areas in which you are already succeeding and allow us to celebrate successes with you, ensuring the organisation appreciates the benefit your programme brings and enabling you to benchmark yourself against other organisations. In addition, during the annual ideasUK awards ceremony, a certificate will be presented in recognition of your achievement.

2. Identify areas for development and improvement plans to make change

The huge benefit to this audit lies in the robust conversation which will highlight where the blockages may be and how issues can be resolved to enable ideas to flow smoothly through the process. Following your audit, a report will be sent highlighting all areas discussed to act as a roadmap for moving forward.

If you would like to learn more or book an Accreditation, please get in touch via email