Bea Schofield

Innovation Consultant – Customer Success Manager

Bea Schofield

What do you do at Wazoku?

It’s my job to work with customers during the implementation of Idea Spotlight, guiding them through the initial scoping and challenge planning exercises in the lead up to launch. During this phase I also coordinate customisation requests, advise on best practise, and provide training to everyone who needs it!

What did you do before Wazoku?

I’ve spent the last four years in tech start-ups, the most recent of which was based in Copenhagen and provided branded online fundraising tools for NGOs. Previous exploits include an MSc in African Studies and an eclectic mix of research projects in Kenya and Malawi.

What do you do outside of Wazoku?

I am most likely to be found wandering around a woodland, riding a horse, or reading a book in a field somewhere, usually armed with food and a bottle of wine!

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