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6 Tips To Generate More Ideas

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Idea management_connecting people

  1. Prepare To Have Lots Of Ideas

The first boundary to break is dispelling the harmful beliefs that it takes a ‘creative mind’ to come up with ideas. Ideas are not reserved for a privileged few, you just have to be in the right mental environment for them. Adjusting your mentality is often enough to kick-start the process.

  1. It Doesn’t Matter If The Ideas Are Bad, Focus On Quantity For Now

Your focus shouldn’t be on having great ideas. Strive for numbers. Most people don’t put their ideas out there into the mix for fear of their ideas being rejected, and for fear of looking stupid. But this doesn’t matter. Ideas that might be called stupid today may lay the groundwork for exceptional, game-changing ideas of the future. And when you make that great idea, all those unsuccessful ideas will fall by the wayside. It’s as close to a win-win as you can get, and there’s no reason not to keep trying.

  1. Expand Your Horizons

Every time you experience something new, you build connections of knowledge. After all, all learning consists of is filling in the gaps between your current knowledge. The more you expose yourself to new situations, to new people and places, you build more connections that you can apply elsewhere. Someone else is most likely working out logistics of something you’ve never even considered, and success will come when a connection is made. Never be afraid of doing things differently

  1. Get Those Ideas Down ASAP

Get in the habit of capturing all your ideas. Use a notebook or a voice recorder, it doesn’t matter how you capture them, just make sure that you carry your idea capturing tool everywhere you go. If you don’t capture your ideas the minute they come up, it’s guaranteed you’ll forget most of them – even worse, you won’t even be aware that you had ideas in the first place. Also, each time your mind notices you’re paying attention to its ideas, it’ll reward you with more ideas.

  1. Be Thankful!

Every time you have an idea – any idea – be happy about it. By developing this into a habit, you create a positive reinforcement that works like a “pat on the back” of your mind, encouraging your creativity and boosting confidence.

  1. Getting Ideas Isn’t A Steady Process

It’s normal to go through several days and not having a single idea. But then, suddenly, ideas will come to you one after another. Sometimes, the ideas will come so quickly you’ll barely have time to write them all down. Don’t worry about the natural slow times, but make sure that you take full advantage of those idea bursts when they come.

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