6 tips for identifying passionate employees

wazoku Blog

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that having passionate employees means more quality business. After all, a passionate employee is willing to go the extra mile and works harder and more creatively. But how do you identify them? Here are a few hints that will show you are in the presence of a passionate employee:


  • They ask questions and are naturally curious.
  • When you interview them, it feels more like a conversation.
  • They are genuinely excited about their industry and follow the news and influencers to stay updated.
  • They believe work should be fun and are great people to work with.
  • They are usually happy people and have good levels of job satisfaction.
  • They are driven and self motivated.

We would also add that if you are using an idea management platform in your business, look for the people who contribute the most! They would be the most engaged and you might just want to reward them…