5 Ways to improve your organisational culture

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Organisational culture is the group of values, beliefs and practises espoused by a company. Having a strong culture will help with employee satisfaction and retention, which leads ultimately to, as mentioned in our previous blog post, an increase in productivity and profits.


Let’s take the extremely successful Apple as an example. In a recent interview, Mark Kawano, -who was their senior designer for six years-, we discovered that unlike one might think, Apple doesn’t necessarily have the best designers working for them. So how do they do it? Design is one of the main features of their products, so it would seem counterintuitive to assume otherwise. Their secret? Design is part of their culture, from top to bottom and everyone is engaged in it.

How can you achieve similar results? We have a few suggestions you can try::

  • Have a clear mission statement – and live it daily, consistently. Avoid saying one thing and doing another.
  • Improve communication – this will avoid the spread of gossip and rumours, which can ruin engagement and will increase transparency.
  • Be inclusive – Everyone is part of the team and should feel like it.
  • Be flexible – accept that change is part of life and be open to it.
  • Have fun – By adding an element of fun to daily life, inside or outside of work, your employees will feel happier and more motivated.

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