5 Tips for keeping employee’s suggestions flowing

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Employee engagement is in the order of the day, now more than ever and companies are trying a wide variety of tools and techniques to ensure staff is connected, contributing ideas and spurring innovation on.

Employees at desk

Unfortunately, there are too many cases in which the initial enthusiasm around a new initiative just ends up fizzling out and the end up tools forgotten and abandoned. How can we avoid this unfortunate situation? We have come up with a few tips and ideas that will ensure that your innovation process continues yielding results:

  • Structure the idea gathering around a specific challenge/ issue – This is so that the ideas you receive are relevant to the business and also that to guarantee that there will be some sort of follow-up and potential implementation. This will also reduce the admin time needed to sift through all ideas, as they will be more focused.
  • Always follow-up on the ideas submitted, even if it’s only to explain why it’s not possible to implement it at that given time – One of the main reasons people give up on contributing ideas is because they’re not receiving any sort of feedback or acknowledgement that they are actually being heard. In these days and especially when working with millennialS, making sure employees know they are being heard is tantamount to an organisation’s success and talent retention.
  • Make the whole idea-gathering process transparent – By allowing people to see and interact with what others are submitting, it not only adds transparency to the whole process but also can spark creativity in other team members. It will also help figure out what they best ideas are, as they can be voted up by their peers.
  • Make sure that good contributions are recognised – A simple thank you note can go a long way, as well as more sizeable prizes. Gauge what would be more appropriate in your organisation and create a rewards and recognition programme if you haven’t got one already.
  • Send out personal invites – Sending out a company-wide blast email isn’t as effective as selecting specific people to contribute to a specific challenge. By personalising it, people will feel more compelled to participate and again, that their opinion is valued.

These are only a few ideas that can help turn an innovation programme into a success. To find out how idea management can help your business, download our guide.