3 Tips for Productive Idea Software

wazoku Blog

Idea software provides a platform for companies to find the best ways to solve problems within their business and continue to innovate to remain competitive. For the past few days, we’ve been hearing from potential clients that they seek to enhance their productivity and stay focused, which idea management can help do, so long as the right approach is taken. Below, we outline three steps you can take to ensure the productivity of your idea software solution.


Clear priorities. What makes discussions veer off into time wasters is quite often the lack of a predefined goals and priorities. Make sure that each discussion, unless you intend for it to be a brainstorming or general chat session, has clear, defined goals. The benefit of utilising our Spotlight solution is that it gives administrators the power to introduce Challenges. These Challenges can have clear, defined goals and they invite users to submit their ideas in response to the challenges. With clear priorities, you may find your discussions veer into the right places rather than spinning off into irrelevance.

Define your idea criteria. What makes a good idea for your company? While we can give you some suggestions on how to identify good ideas, ultimately it depends on your company, their sector, and what challenges you’re facing. It makes it much easier to wade through those ideas if you know exactly what sorts of ways you want to test ideas. Ideally, your idea software should be a place not just for submitting ideas, but for analysing them. Our Spotlight solution comes with the option of Review Boards, which allow you to define criteria, vote, and rate ideas throughout a specified time period. You can also specify the members of the review board that you wish and decide when the best time is to hold the review. Analytical options allow administrators the capacity to really take their ideas and turn them into solutions. Any idea software solution worth it’s salt will allow you to do the same to ensure productivity.

Recognise thought leaders. It’s important to recognise not just when someone submits a good idea, but when they also support the ideas around them by discussing and contributing to them. Ideas that turn into functional solutions are rarely the product of just one individual, but rather they go through a team development process. Ensuring that you reward not just those who came up with the individual idea, but also those who pitched in and assisted in it’s development, will encourage higher employee motivation and boost morale. The ideal solution for your company provides you with analytics that make this process so much easier and doesn’t just rely on memories or count on you reading every single thread. Our Spotlight solution allows you to quickly and easily see the Top Contributors and Innovators from your dashboard. And with every interaction leaving an audit trail, it’s easy for you to witness the discussion and the people who made the idea possible, and thus reward them.

With these three goals in mind, creating a truly productive system is much easier than it seems. All it involves is taking the right approach towards how your company posts, reviews, and rewards ideas.