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25 Idea Generation Techniques

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Looking for some ideas?  We’re all about capturing the best ideas and helping them become reality.  Our Idea Management Software is quick to implement and simple to use.

For those of you who aren’t ready for an Idea Management tool check out this list… of tried and true idea generation techniques.  These techniques can help stimulate creative thinking or inspire you.  Did we miss any? What works for you?

Shout out to Mckenzie Cerri for contributing to this list!

1. Brainstorm

2. Expose yourself to new experiences

3. Meet new people – networking with people inside and outside of your industry

4. Welcome all ideas; even bad ones

5. Challenge established ideas

6. Re-word the problem

7. Get someone else’s perspective

8. Try working from a new location

9. Go for a long walk, take a bath, go on holiday, sleep on it etc.

10. Alter your routine

11. Carry a notepad and pen

12. Carry a smart phone

13. Follow industry experts on blogs and twitter

14. Revisit rejected ideas

15. Have a genuine interest in the area you are focusing on

16. Listen to different types of music – creating different moods and states

17. Meditate

18. Draw pictures instead of writing words

19. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and thinking space

20. RoleStorming… (No I didn’t just make that up)

21. Alcohol is idea lubricant!

22. Hang out with people who are passionate about what they do

23. Ask a child

24. Buy a magic whiteboard

25. Use idea generation software (shameless plug!)

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