14 Tips to Unlock your Workforce’s Creativity

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Here are a few simple tips that will help you to easily unlock and implement sustainable creativity across your organisation. Try these different tips and see how you can spark creativity amongst your employees. Ultimately you will unleash moonshots.

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  • Encourage your employees to read on a daily basis and to research topics that are unrelated to your industry.

  • Give them allocated time and space to innovate (think Google’s 20% innovation time – it doesn’t have to be 20% – just don’t kill it!)

  • Push their curiosity. Encourage them to observe what’s going on around them and to ask questions.

  • Encourage them to write and draw regularly, to illustrate and make a record of their thoughts and ideas.

  • Prompt discussion on varied topics and engage them in dialogue.

  • Encourage them to think differently. For every task they carry out ask them to suggest a different and more innovative way of doing it.

  • Create cross-business and cross-level teams. Have employees from different departments work together to share ideas and insight.

  • Co-create: ask your employees to work with customers, suppliers and other external parties.

  • Have informal meetings – brainstorm and discuss innovation around a drink, a meal or on a corporate day out.

  • Hire people from diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

  • Send them abroad! Research has shown that experience abroad enhances creativity.

  • Get books, lots of books and online subscriptions to industry and/or non-industry publications.

  • Play music in the office.

  • Have regular retrospectives on your team’s day and week: What great things did you and your team achieve? What did you fail to do and why? What are you proud of? What can you improve?

How about you? What are your top tips for engaging your employees and  boosting their creativity? Share your thoughts with us.