Expand innovation beyond the borders of your organisation

Collaborate and co-create securely with your community and members of the public.

Engage broad communities to solve complex challenges. Collaborate with a wide audience; tap into the creative and innovative potential of your crowd to solve complex challenges and to generate solutions to key issues.

Source fresh ideas from internal and external stakeholders, enabling a diversity of insight. Be as broad or specific as necessary in your challenges and be as open or confidential as desired.

Provide feedback and transparency. Replace focus groups, surveys and consultations with one secure platform to capture insight and provide a feedback loop.

Create secure, external communities for ideas, innovation, feedback and insight. Idea Spotlight allows everyone to engage with and understand the desired actions and goals.

Learn how the Ministry of Justice is using our G-Cloud certified Idea Spotlight to engage with members of the public to shape future policy

The Ministry of Justice wanted to crowdsource ideas and use open innovation to effectively and transparently steer the future direction of out-of-court disposals.

Challenges faced by the Ministry of Justice:

  • Reach out to members of the public to help shape future policy and improve transparency.
  • Open dialogue with members of the public.
  • Engage communities and members of the public in helping to solve complex challenges and generating solutions to key issues.

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