Continuous Improvement

Innovation programmes deliver faster and smarter

Operational objectives often require increased efficiencies and reduced complexities.

Transforming complex processes and systems has a cross-functional effect. It therefore makes sense to gain cross-functional input. Equally, efficiencies are probably being gained elsewhere in your business but are you aware what they are and how they’re achieved?

By collaborating and engaging across holding companies, regional sites or departmental teams, businesses improve transparency and have insight into operational efficiencies. Collaboration plays a substantial role in achieving the ripple effect of change.

Idea Spotlight, Wazoku’s idea management platform, is being used by global organisations to implement incremental changes in operations, realise cost savings and reduce times to market.

By bringing together diverse and disparate workforces to contribute ideas regardless of scale, our customers benefit from knowledge sharing, creativity and contribution that was previously non-existent.

Wazoku works with customers to design innovation programmes that have a clear focus of implementing change in desired areas. Idea Spotlight removes perceived barriers between departments or regions, enabling increased transparency across all teams.

Waitrose Case Study

“Small ideas are here to stay, and generally impact and mean so much more to Partners, than the next big strategic change, therefore using a system that allows any Partner, working anywhere in our business, whether driving a van, restocking shelves or managing the marketing POS we use, to submit an idea is very important. Idea spotlight gives exactly that.”Stuart Eames, Operational Improvement Manager, Operational Efficiency, Waitrose
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More Use Cases

Employee Engagement

Companies not only have the responsibility of finding and hiring employees, but also keeping those employees engaged. Idea Spotlight can help.

Idea Management

Fostering a collaborative culture means encouraging idea sharing within your organisation. Idea Spotlight is your home for idea management.

Open Innovation

Wazoku allows your company to streamline the entire innovation management process, from idea creation to implementation, all within one platform.

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Leading organisations around the world use Idea Spotlight to capture the power of the crowd.

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