Idea Spotlight

Idea Spotlight provides structure to capture, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas. It is a highly flexible tool that allows you to build communities for innovation, employee and stakeholder dialogue and insight. It allows you to engage these communities in helping to solve complex challenges and key issues. Whether you are seeking to reduce costs, to boost employee engagement and productivity, to improve transparency, to develop new products and partnerships or even to organise a corporate day out or event – you can use Idea Spotlight to capture all types of ideas.

Ideation Flow
Capture and build:
Create and share ideas, discuss and vote on them. Encourage participants to work together to improve ideas.
Define the criteria which will be used to evaluate ideas. Create private spaces for reviewers to discuss and evaluate the ideas and select the ideas to proceed.
Develop and elaborate on shortlisted ideas to get a detailed understanding of them. Request additional information and ask the crowd to comment further.
Decide on the outcome of ideas and choose the ones to implement.

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