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Managing Your Ideas


How many times have you found yourself in the following situations:


  • You have a project in mind and need the input of a large group of people but don’t know how to go about it.
  • You requested feedback from all your employees and are now feeling inundated by a barrage of emails you can’t process.
  • You need both internal and external comments but have no idea where to start or how to organise it.
  • You want to listen to employees to improve processes and save money but collating and processing all the ideas feels like a gargantuan task.


Sound familiar? That’s because these are challenges that many other organisations have been facing. Idea Spotlight exists to resolve these and many other tests organisations face when innovating. So, what does it do exactly?


To put it simply, Idea Spotlight provides a structure to capture, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas. It is a highly flexible tool that allows you to build communities for innovation, by promoting a dialogue between employees and stakeholders. It allows you to engage these communities in helping to solve complex challenges and key issues. Whether you are seeking to reduce costs, to boost employee engagement and productivity, to improve transparency, to develop new products and partnerships or even to organise a corporate day out or event – you can use Idea Spotlight to capture all types of ideas.


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