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WazokuWe recognise that great ideas sometimes need a little prompting and some help to move along. They also need to be seen by the right people – the people who can make them reality. We’re different from other idea management companies. We don’t just give you the tools. We also provide guidance, webinars, training, implementation support and ongoing account management. We’re helping you to build a culture of innovation where the right ideas find the right people, where great ideas are shared, developed, evaluated, rewarded, and then implemented. Read More

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Idea SpotlightIn business, generating ideas is not a problem. Managing and developing them is. Too often, good ideas get lost in the daily shuffle.

Idea Spotlight, Wazoku’s idea management and co-creation platform, helps organisations to crowdsource ideas from internal and external communities. It provides structure for idea generation, discussion, and development, a central place where ideas can be evaluated and analysed. Read more.

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